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Hi! I'm Emily Jones, founder of The Healing Studio. In October of 2019 I opened my private therapy practice, Creative Spirit Counseling. At that time I had no intention of growing past myself. I was happy to work on my own. In fall of 2020 Hannah Ritteman joined the practice. One day I looked at Hannah and said, "wouldn't it be cool if....". And from there, an idea began to grow.

I always thought that traditional healing practices centered around one type of thing. It could be medical (psychiatric), counseling practices, massage practices, or holistic wellness practices. But I couldn't find where I would want to personally go. A place where I could receive evidence-based mental health treatment and ALSO receive more natural or holistic wellness. 

So in March of 2021 The Healing Studio was opened. We are so proud of how quickly we have grown to encompass healing practitioners of other disciplines. We are excited to continue to grown and bring on other disciplines to round out our fantastic team. Check our our services page to learn more!

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