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The Healing Studio focuses on 3 things:

Mental Wellness

How can we support your mental health and healing?


Physical Wellness

How can we support your physical health and wellbeing?


Spiritual Wellness

How can we help you find joy, passion, and meaning in your life?

From music therapy to energy healing, we offer an approach like no other in the Fargo area. We are currently home to Creative Spirit Counseling, Everlasting Massage and Wellness and Music Therapy in Motion. We are excited to continue to bring on new practitioners to complete the mission!

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What do we offer?


Mental Health Therapy

The Healing Studio proudly hosts Creative Spirit Counseling, home of out-of-the-box therapists providing LGBTQ+ affirming services, EMDR, and creative, individualized services.

Image by Ahmad Odeh

Drama Therapy 

Drama Therapy is an active, experiential approach to facilitating change. Through storytelling, projective play, purposeful improvisation, and performance, participants are invited to rehearse desired behaviors, practice being in relationship, expand and find flexibility between life roles, and perform the change they wish to be and see in the world.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy brings a different dimension to the mental and spiritual aspects of healing.


Massage and Wellness

Massage promotes physical and mental well-being. Experience Reiki, craniosacral treatment, cupping, and other wholly individualized services.


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1535 42nd St S

Suite 400

Fargo, ND 58103

Tel: 123-456-7890

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